The Corporate Takeover of Global Healthcare

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The Corporate Takeover of Global Healthcare 2

 By: Stewart Brennan

One of the major casualties on the horizon in this on-going Global economic collapse through the fake COVID pandemic, will be “Healthcare” in nations with single payer systems.

The engineered collapse of our economies leaves our natural resources and social programs open to corporate pillaging by western oligarchs and private interests with deep pockets. The same thing happened to Russia when its economic system was torn apart by criminal greed during their economic collapse in the 1990’s. The pillaging of the nation only stopped when Vladimir Putin came to power and declared war on the oligarchs and rebuilt Russia from the ashes. Sadly, the nations of the west have no courageous leaders with enough nerve to protect their people from the thieves and monsters of the wealthy class.

My Russian friends tell me, what they remember most about that time, is that while political corruption and thieving oligarchs were looting the country, the economy collapsed, scarcity ensued, inflation soared, violence increased exponentially and people suffered greatly. Vladimir Putin put an end to all of that, and restored Russia’s economy and economic independence. Economic independence is frowned upon by the western economic cartel which is why the US & UK establishment do not like Vladimir Putin.

The same type of theft is happening now across Europe and North America as governments allow corporations and oligarchs to loot all of our economically depressed countries during a fake pandemic. The politicians who are pushing lockdowns are criminally responsible for their part in the destruction of our nations, and also for the untold disasters which have yet to unfold as a direct consequence…and those consequences are coming. There is no excuse for what they have done, they are 100% guilty of crimes against our communities.

The wealthy class in each country, with China a major player, have gone into collusion to usurp all economic veins of our communities. It is being done by totalitarian lockdowns through a fake pandemic in which China is a major player.

Proof of Collusion:

In a recent letter [01] by Randy Hillier, sent to Canadian Prime Minister, “Justin Trudeau”, and the subsequent provincial / territorial leaders and their opposition, Randy Hillier, laid out 11 crucial points showing the significant involvement and influence that the Chinese Government has within Canadian medical, scientific, business, and academic communities. He included a 40-page report [02] with a detailed analysis compiled by top professionals across Canada and the United states, many within the intelligence community that clearly lays out major criminal concerns.

Eleven Points:

1.Lockdowns Originated on the order of “Xi Jinping”, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, and were propagated into Global Policy by the World Health Organization with little analysis or logic.

2. The Most Influential Institution for Covid-19 Models, self-described as “China’s Best Academic Partner in the West,” has been by far the most alarmist and inaccurate Covid-19 Modeler.

3. Deadly recommendations for early Mechanical Ventilation came from China

4. The World’s predominant, wildly-inaccurate PCR Testing Protocols are based on incomplete, theoretical Genome Sequences supplied by China

5. Predominant, excessive PCR Testing Protocols came from China

6. Studies showing Significant Asymptomatic Transmission, the only Scientific basis for lockdowns of Healthy Individuals, came from China

7. The CCP engaged in an early, broad, systematic, and global propaganda campaign to promote its Lockdown Response

8. Many prominent Pro-Lockdown Scientists show conspicuous Pro-China Bias

9. Many other influential lockdown supporters are both woefully unqualified to be advising World leaders on Pandemic Policy and often show conspicuous Pro-China Bias

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10. Several top National Health Officials among the Nations are woefully unqualified and show conspicuous Pro-China Bias

11. Prominent lockdown supporters have proven unusually indifferent to the devastating consequences of their policies.

Moving Forward:

As I read and write about China’s history [03], what it has become and how it became what it is today, I can tell you with certainty that our governments will reject Randy Hillier’s letter and evidence because western politicians are all embedded with a global privileged class that are in the process of wiping out national economies around the world through this plandemic with China as their new economic engine.

Dominic Barton [04] who was appointed as Canada’s Ambassador to China in 2019 by Justin Trudeau, is a member of this privileged wealthy political class I am talking about. He held an important position on the advisory board of the Chinese state-run China Development Bank [05]. This is not normal until you understand what F.I.P.A. is.

Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement: (FIPA)

On September 9th, 2012, Canada signed a “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement” [06] (FIPA) with China. What that means is, Chinese corporations will be able a challenge local, provincial and federal policies or laws that interfere with their “right” to make a profit from Canadian soil, in any way they see fit so in essence the Chinese government will be able to get away with environmental degradation to Canada for the next 31 years.

This treaty with China undermines our democracy because it will give Chinese firms in Canada 31 years of “protection” from environmental, human rights or resource conservation measures they don’t like while companies and private investors gain the right to sue Canada in unaccountable private tribunals outside the court system. Canada is Under Siege. [07]

So, what we are going to see in the near-term future as a result of the deliberate crashing of our economies by this false pandemic is more economic control of our country by Chinese corporations (ie: the Chinese Government) that cannot be challenged in the courts.

The card that the economic cartel holds over our head in Canada is the destruction of the Canadian healthcare system which will be consumed by the cartels corporate branch of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The result of which will make healthcare unaffordable to an ever-increasing impoverished citizenry. I suppose that doesn’t mean much to US citizens who never really had a single payer healthcare system. However, I’m sure Canadians and Europeans sees very clearly how Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies prey off of the US citizens where healthcare is not affordable and how pharmaceutical corporations are maneuvering governments to force lockdowns, and mask laws while pushing mRNA poisons as solutions on their populations. By the way, They are NOT vaccines! [08]

In this new unfolding dystopian world, governments rule like tyrants, everything is being destroyed; sports programs, schools, colleges, Universities, hospitals, clinics, small businesses, entertainment venues, and millions of jobs, while human interaction has been banned, spiritual gatherings broken up, curfews have locked us up under threat of massive fines and jail. Most of the population lives in fear, many are depressed or suicidal, and all of it because these rich sociopathic greedy puckers want to rule the world through their fraudulent corporate private banks!

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What becomes clear in the western nations is the rise of “Totalitarianism” through total economic control and enslavement of the population by a wealthy class determined to enforce their dystopian world view through their corporate, banking and political ownership.

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The Loss of Our Healthcare:

Today, hospitals and clinics throughout Canada, the US and Europe are reported to be at their breaking point by mainstream media yet amateur video footage from around the world shows a different story (See here [09a] and here[09b]). I can also confirm that hospitals are NOT overburdened from my own experience [09c]. Virtual Doctor appointments and prescriptions are the rule of the day and they will continue long after the economy has been destroyed.

Activity within the hospitals will either be cancelled or strategically planned (as they are now) with less activity and thus less need for employing Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff thus reducing costs which the government in most countries pay for through government budget money “borrowed” from private banks owned by the wealthy class.

Here’s How they Will Destroy our Healthcare System

As the costs of the COVID shutdown continue to be paid by borrowed money (240+ Billion in Canada), the IMF and financial institutions like the ECB (depending where you live and what banking families control your currency) will tell your government(s) that in order to escape higher interest rates on their borrowed money, they will have to sell off government-controlled health care programs to “Private” interests. ie: Pharmaceutical corporations and insurance corporations so they can reduce government cost while stating they will better manage the program. Doing so it will be said, lowers the governments economic burden and allows governments to continue borrowing money at a low interest rate for their national budgets which will need to be paid back with compounding interest [10].

Once the healthcare system is handed over, they will do what all corporations do, cut services to reduce costs and begin charging to make a profit. Costs will then be associated with all services which will go through an online evaluation. These costs will go up incrementally but will begin marginalizing large portions of the population who will not be able to afford healthcare simply because they are either no longer employed or are working for lower wages and can’t afford it…which is where the insurance companies come in and condition your healthcare coverage on the amount you are able to spend if you have any money at all.

If you don’t think they’ll touch your healthcare, think again. Right after the recession in the 1990’s [11], the IMF told Canada to get reduce its hospital capacity by 20% and the government complied.

While this fake pandemic continues, the unemployment rate will continue to skyrocket, massive amounts of capital will be wiped out, populations will be under lockdowns and curfews while the wealthy class go about their lives uninterrupted.

Incidentally, those that control the banking institutions and mega corporations never worry during an economic crash because they simply own the institutions that create the money and the political means to make laws in their favor and thus the courts by virtue of upholding those laws. In the end, ie: at margin call, their banks and corporations get it all.

Those that will feel the mortal stabs of economic hardship are you, me and everyone that works to make our communities run.


The continued refusal by government officials to look into the facts presented by Doctors, specialists and professionals regarding lockdowns, masks, PCR testing facts, Influenza and the proper solutions, shows without a doubt our governments collusion with not only the Chinese Government but also with the Western Economic Cartel of Banks and Corporations.

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This accusation is not only for the eyes and ears of Canadians but for the people of all western nations that are under the same assault.

Corporate Control

The structure of a Corporation is top-down rule, it does not care about the environment, community or the people that work for them. All they care about is the bottom line and profit margin for their shareholders. It is totalitarian in the governance of its workers and as it gets larger becomes economically political.

Corporations that exist in capitalist societies, eventually grow to the point that their owners or majority stock holders can control societies, especially when collusion is made by those who have the majority of shares in thousands of companies. The governance of the country is then run by the economic and political power these entities harbor, including the institutions they endorse with funds such as “The World Health Organization” under the arm of the United Nations, who can, with one false pandemic statement, decide the fate of global economics.

China was molded by those within the western economic cartel who provided China with the initial funding, corporate migration, resources if needed and markets for their economic rise as the most technologically advanced, economically stable, most populous and most totalitarian nation in the world today. China is not a communist country as many seem to believe, it is a totalitarian nationalist socialist country with an iron fist that emerged out of the internal struggle of the Communist party [03] with western imperial help.

China is an economic monster that our western wealthy class together with western politicians have created. The wealthy political class in the east and west have merged and are about to launch a new dystopian global economy.

The “Economic Reset” [12] that is coming in 2021 will merge all nations into a new global corporate totalitarian paradigm that will control every aspect of our lives, and impoverish our nations unless we do something to put a stop to it.

If you are just as concerned as I am, here’s one way to fight back, join Randy Hillier’s fight at the following link (Randy Hillier Letter & Report [13]) For those in other countries, download the report and copy / edit the letter for your own representatives in your country.

I encourage all Canadians to contact your provincial or territorial representative

However, we can also play the devil’s advocate and say that China could at any moment, decide they no longer want to be in business with the western economic cartel…then where does that leave everyone? Who would be able to stop them once our countries have been economically destroyed?



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