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(1) An Australian journalist’s journey to freedom:

The inside story of my last week in China. A midnight visit by security police, exit bans, consular refuge and the high stakes negotiation to secure our freedom. [Link]

(2) A Christian Uyghur messaged me with an important point about the crimes against humanity in Xinjiang: It’s not just against Muslims, and its not just against Uyghurs, but against non-Han in the region. It’s a xenocide. [Link]

(3) As I wrote once, the stuff you read in fiction-thrillers:

A search by U.S. authorities for Chinese researchers with ties to China’s military is leading to intensifying cat-and-mouse tactics involving what prosecutors say are foiled escapes, evidence tossed into a dumpster and a chase through an airport….

… Mr. Hu, who works for a military-funded lab at Beihang University in Beijing, was researching underwater robotics, according to an FBI affidavit. The code prosecutors accuse him of stealing was developed by his University of Virginia adviser, who runs a collaborative program with other schools funded by the Office of Naval Research.

In an interview with Customs and Border Protection officers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Aug. 25, Mr. Hu admitted he had code on his laptop that his adviser would be upset to learn he had, the affidavit said. Beihang University didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The professor, who wasn’t identified in court filings, told the FBI he had repeatedly denied Mr. Hu’s requests to access his code and didn’t know how he obtained it, according to the affidavit. He told authorities Mr. Hu “had left UVA to return to China without contacting him to bid him farewell, which he found unusual,” the filing said. [Link]

See the DoJ press release here.

(4) In an apparent retort to parts of Europe and Germany?

“A dialog [with China] is not enough. We need counter measures,” former Hong Kong lawmaker and pro-democracy activist @nathanlawkc told DW. “Concentration camps in Xinjiang, human rights violations in Hong Kong… [this] is not going to be fixed just by talking.” [Link]

Stuff that American MSM won’t talk about, at all. Oh, well

(5) The New York Times once wrote front page article about Trump pushing chloroquine because he had a financial stake. It amounted to roughly $100 via mutual fund. Now they refuse to write about Joe Biden’s done $6.5b Chinese fund started while he was VP. Complete and total hackery [Link]

Re-confirmation of (5) above:

(6) Only the New York Times could write such a blathering pufff piece about China and Biden and never mention his sons $6.5 billion private equity fund owned by a Chinese SOE and funded by Chinese SOEs [Link]

Why SMIC after Huawei?

(7) Any decision to impose export controls on SMIC would mark a major escalation in the administration’s crackdown on Chinese tech companies. It could also frustrate the U.S. companies that collectively sell billions of dollars worth of chip-making technology to Chinese manufacturers.

Among the issues being considered is whether SMIC aids China’s defense establishment, people briefed on the discussions said. A research report produced last month by U.S. defense contractor SOS International LLC and circulated widely among officials involved in the review argues that it does. [Link]

(8) SMIC: “We have no relationship with the Chinese military” OK, then explain how SMIC chips are being used by the PLA’s National University of Defense Technology, which is already on the denied Entity List [Link]

Could this be a ‘rogue’ piece from New York Times?

(9) Chinese intelligence hackers were intent on stealing coronavirus vaccine data, so they looked for what they believed would be an easy target. Instead of simply going after pharmaceutical companies, they conducted digital reconnaissance on the University of North Carolina and other schools doing cutting-edge research….

… China’s push is complex. Its operatives have also surreptitiously used information from the World Health Organization to guide its vaccine hacking attempts, both in the United States and Europe, according to a current and a former official familiar with the intelligence….

… Besides hacking, China has pushed into universities in other ways. Some government officials believe it is trying to take advantage of research partnerships that American universities have forged with Chinese institutions. [Link]

(10) Remember this when you read Hollywood personalities pontificating on America and China:

Hollywood is casting more light-skinned actors for major roles in movies to appeal to Chinese audiences following the Communist Party allowing more foreign films in the country, according to a report on Tuesday.

Since 2012, US filmmakers apparently became aware of the aesthetic preferences of Chinese movie-goers — who place a higher premium on light skin — a practice known as colorism, Axios reported, citing a 2017 study. [Link]. You can find the research study here.

(11) This does sound and is indeed awesome:

BREAKING: President Trump announced that Serbia and Kosovo agreed on opening economic relations at the White House today. In addition, Serbia says it will move their embassy to Jerusalem and Kosovo will recognize Israel as part of US-brokered talks. [Link]

(12) In the meantime, in Hong Kong:

“The police were giving warnings to young protesters holding blank signs,” said Claudia Mo, a pro-democracy lawmaker. “They are trying to say: ‘If we say you’re expressing a criminal opinion, then that’s it, because we are the law.’” [Link]

(13) Colonisation through OBOR

The poor, small Southeast Asian country of Laos is set to cede majority control of its electric grid to a Chinese company, as it struggles to stave off a potential debt default, people with direct knowledge of the agreement said.

The deal comes at a time when critics accuse Beijing of “debt trap diplomacy” to gain strategic advantage in countries struggling to repay loans taken out under President Xi Jinping’s global infrastructure-building Belt and Road Initiative.

China is Laos’s biggest creditor, and the deal will bind the landlocked, mountainous country of 7 million people closer to its giant neighbour. [Link]

(14) It is not just about Xinjiang:

Chinese police have offered bounties for people accused of joining the big rallies that have erupted in the northern region of Inner Mongolia against Mandarin-only education.

Tens of thousands of ethnic Mongolians have taken part in protests and school boycotts this week, prompted by the teaching policy that they fear will wipe out their native tongue by reducing the number of classes taught in the Mongolian language. [Link]

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto

(15) In the meantime, in Uighur:

Nury Turkel, the commissioner of the U.S. Commision on International Religious Freedom and co-founder of the Uyghur Human Rights Project, agreed. Turkel — who escaped a camp with his mother in 1995 — said while the Chinese government claims it’s fighting against terrorism, those imprisoned are not criminals.

“Half a million Uyghur Muslim children have been taken away or separated from their parents,” Turkel said. “Fathers looking for their kids recognize their faces on Chinese state-run propaganda material.”

Turkel said the accounts of torture by survivors like Tursun are clear evidence of genocide.

“There’s been an 80% decrease in Uyghur population growth in three years,” Turkel said. “Something horrific is happening.” [Link]

(16) That sounds right:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have prepared orders to block imports of cotton and tomato products from China’s western region of Xinjiang over accusations of forced labor, though a formal announcement has been delayed. [Link]

(17) In the meantime, in ‘Woke’ America:

A committee reporting to D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has recommended renaming dozens of public schools, parks and government buildings in the nation’s capital — including those named for seven U.S. presidents — after studying the historical namesakes’ connections to slavery and oppression.

The report drew a torrent of criticism, especially for its suggestion of adding plaques or other context to some of the most famed federal locales in the city, including the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. After a harsh rebuke from the White House, the Bowser administration removed the recommendations dealing with federal monuments on Tuesday evening. [Link]

(18) One of the most obvious foreign policy stories that really no one in media or the Acela Corridor has grasped is how big the divide between the United States and European “allies” has grown since the end of the Cold War. It is much deeper than anyone is willing to admit. [Link]

(19) Impressive – the pervasiveness of the capture, over the last two decades (or more recent?)

The Morrison government will launch an inquiry into foreign ­interference in Australian universities and how Beijing has recruited academics to a secretive program that paid ­lucrative salaries and allowed research to be patented in China.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton on Sunday outlined the terms of reference for a broad-­ranging inquiry into foreign interference in the university sector in a letter to the chair of the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security, Andrew Hastie. [Link]

(20) Wow! More power to Trump!

Israel is in secret talks with several Arab states on establishing ties, in addition to its U.S.-backed deal struck with the UAE, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

“There are many more unpublicized meetings with Arab and Muslim leaders to normalize relations with the state of Israel,” he said on the eve of Israel’s first commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates. [Link]

(21) This is ‘hilarious’ at one level but is a profound shift, isn’t it? MSM in America won’t talk about it, of course:

We should throw Qatar out of the GCC and add Israel [Link]

(22) So, a Biden Administration’s policy on China will be…?

William Cohen – a former republican senator and Clinton-era Secretary of Defense who endorsed democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden – runs a lobbying firm that employs Chinese communist party officials, the national pulse can reveal.

Cohen recently endorsed Biden, citing his belief that President Trump’s actions were “the mark of a dictatorship” and “a tyrant.”about:blank

Today, The National Pulse can reveal that Cohen works closely with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents, many of whom remain listed on the former SecDef’s website. [Link]

(23) It is actually priceless. The military-industrial complex thrived by fomenting and sustaining suspicion towards the Soviet Union. It continues to do so versus Russia but appeases the real challenger. See this:

Why is @googleearth, a U.S. corporation, calling Scarborough Shoal the “Zhongsha Islands”. Scarborough shoal is a feature well w/in the Philippine EEZ. Calling its Chinese appellation only helps China in its absurd claim to own the near-entirety of the SCS. [Link]

(24) Tell me how to spell ‘truth’, ‘justice’, ‘liberty’ and ‘fairness’.

Newly released DoJ records show that multiple top members of Mueller’s investigative team claimed to have “accidentally wiped” at least 15 (!) phones used during the anti-Trump investigation after the DOJ OIG asked for the devies to be handed over. [Link]. The DoJ file link is here.

(25) The transcript of the ‘Mount Fuji DC dialogue: The US-Japan alliance at 60’ is here. Read the remarks of Kono-san, the Japanese Defence Minister:

So, when I was a foreign minister, I was very careful not saying China is a threat, although I repeatedly said grave concern at the news conference. But as a defense minister, I must say China has become a security threat to Japan. They have capability and they have intention. So, we have to be very carefully monitoring what they are trying to do. And Japan, with our ally, United States, have to be ready to check their intention to expand in the region. [Link]

(26) Finally, in the same dialogue session, in response to the question as to why he is now sounding hawkish, the Japanese Defence Minister replied as follows:

Taro Kono: Well, I think increasingly more and more people are worried about what Chinese Communist Party is trying to do. You know, a lot of Japanese used to go to Hong Kong and enjoy what Hong Kong offers. A lot of business, the Japanese business, invested in Hong Kong because we believed these two systems in one country would last for many, many years to come.

But what do we see in Hong Kong is they simply eradicated the freedom in Hong Kong, and judicial independence in Hong Kong is now gone. And things going on in China-India border, South China Sea and East China Sea, it continues or even intensifies, even under the Covid-19.

So, we are quite worried about Chinese intention, what they are trying to do. It was a bit shocking to see the Chinese foreign minister making actual threat to the Czech people after their speaker visited Taiwan.

Well, we maintain relationship with Taiwan as nongovernmental working-level relationship, as we specified in ‘72 joint declaration, joint communique. We have no issue about that. But, I mean, what’s been done recently is a little bit shocking to Czech people, as well as to many Japanese people. So, we really need to worry about where Chinese Communist Party is trying to go in this global community. [Link]


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